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Operation Sports Day

Task 1 of you sports day mission is to take part in some activities outside of your house. Hopefully (if it is not raining) you will be able to do these outside. If it is, you could potentially do (some) of these inside or you could wait until the weather gets better.

Egg and Spoon

This could potentially be done inside. This is the classic sports day race involving an egg or a ball and a spoon. Charlie gives us the details about how you can do this at home.

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The Hopping Challenge

Next up is the hopping challenge! How many hops can you do without putting your foot down? This is quite a simple challenge - all you will need is yourself and some space. You will need to keep count of how many hops you do - it might be a good idea to get someone to count for you!

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Long Jump

The next task is an Olympic sport! It's the long jump. You will need something to measure how far you jump - this could be a tape measure (I don't expect you to have metre sticks at home).

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Speed Bounce

Next up is a great activity. Find something between 20 and 30cm tall and see how many times you can jump over it within a minute.

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Welly Wang

The traditional Great British event - the welly wang. Watch the video to find out how to take part! 

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