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Topic Grid

For your final task of the day, you can pick an activity from our American Adventures learning quest grid. Not all of the activities link to the topic, but are activities we would have done in school.


How you present your work is up to you; providing you aim for that task.


You do not need to complete all of the tasks.


Subject/Points 10 points 20 points 30 points 40 points 50 points

Create a factfile for Frida Kahlo

Create a collage of photos of the Ancient Maya Pick a moment of your life to represent in a piece of art Research surrealism and create a surrealist art piece Create a self portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo
DT Research what fruits and vegetables are eaten in Mexico Make a Mexican 'Day of the Dead' mask. Make a rainforest scene Use a recipe to make a Mexican dish Plan and make an Ancient Maya pyramid
French Find out the names of 10 rainforest animals in French  


Research French Guinea and create an information page for it.


Is it a country?

Design a rainforest and label the key features in French.
Geography Identify places where Ancient Maya ruins have been found Draw a map of the Amazon and label its tributaries 

Write 3 sentences about life in the UK and 2 questions you would like to ask about a school in another country.

Send these to me!

Create a set of top trumps cards for cities in South and Central America  Create a 3D map of Mexico showing the places where Ancient Maya ruins have been found.
History Create a comic strip for the Maya creation story. Make a Pok-ta-Pok court using whatever materials you want! Create a profile card for who you believe is the best Ancient Maya god. Retell the Hero Twins story (follow link) through another medium.  Imagine Ancient Mayan ruins have been discovered and create a news report telling us about it.


These will need to be done in order from 10 to 50

Search the internet for photos of graphic scores  Research how to use graphic scores in music Listen to El Jarabe Tapatio and identify the instruments you hear Draw each instrument in El Jarabe Tapatio down the left-hand-side if the page ready for your own graphic score Create your own graphic score for El Jarabe Tapatio. Remember the width of the page is for the whole song! 
Science Coming soon!