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In maths, we will be covering the content in the table within class.


Click on the focus to view a video (if there is one) to introduce the learning.

Then, click on your work below (unless stated).


Work to complete:

This may not be the work we complete in the classroom. 


Click on the day's resources starting with the questions and then mark using the answer sheet. These may be separated into year 5 and year 6 - click your year group. 


The worksheets get harder as you answer each question. Go up to a level that suits you.


You do not need to print these off, you can answer them on a separate piece of paper.

You have 2 options for you can complete your work.

  1. Through Google Classroom. This requires you to be on a device and signed into Google Classroom.
  2. Write your answers onto a piece of paper. You will need to read the questions off of a device.


Option 1 - Google Classroom

Click onto the day your work is set. You can type onto the slides where it says T/H or Type Here. You will need to backspace delete the text to write your answer.

If the question moves press undo. It is the curly arrow underneath file which points to the left.


If you would like to check your answers, you can click the link in option 2.


Option 2 - From the worksheet

Click the link below to access the worksheets.

Click on the link:

It will take you to a folder where you can download this week's work. You will need to sign into your Google Account. This is the same as if you were accessing work 


This is because we can no longer put the White Rose worksheets onto the website. They have to be put into a secure area.

Tuesday Fluency Questions