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In maths, we will be covering the content in the table within class.


Click on the focus to view a video (if there is one) to introduce the learning.

Then, click on your work below (unless stated).


Step 1 - Watch the day's video

Day Focus
Monday Sierpinski's Gasket - See PowerPoint within work for explanation and task
Tuesday Finding a Rule - 1 Step
Wednesday Finding a Rule - 2 Step
Thursday Forming Expressions
Friday Substitution 


Step 2 - Work to complete:

This may not be the work we complete in the classroom. 


Click on the day's resources starting with the questions and then mark using the answer sheet. These may be separated into year 5 and year 6 - click your year group. 


The worksheets get harder as you answer each question. Go up to a level that suits you.


You do not need to print these off, you can answer them on a separate piece of paper.