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Welcome to the PTA section of our website.

Our next AGM meeting will be held on Tuesday the 10th November at 8pm. Please contact the office (via email) if you would like to be sent an invite to the Zoom meeting. We would love your help.



Friends of Oake, Bradford and Nynehead School

Welcome to all parents old and new. For those that are not aware of the Friends of Oake, Bradford and Nynehead School let us introduce ourselves.

Who are We?

The Friends of Oake, Bradford and Nynehead School are a group of parents who work together to support our school.

What do we do?

We are a friendly bunch who meet quarterly to discuss and organise upcoming events. These events range from annual fireworks display and Summer fetes to non-school uniform days and film screenings.

What does this enable us to do?

Over the years, we have been able to provide some great visits and school equipment for the children.

Last year, we

· Partly funded a trip to a Christmas theatre productions at the Brewhouse for all children;

· Partly funded transport costs for school trips and activities;

· Funded electronic resources (Twinkl, Digimaps, Phonics Play, TT Rock Stars ect);

· Purchased book for a number of year groups;

· Provided play equipment and fencing for the playground; and

· Funded the National Trust membership

What can you do to help?

Unfortunately, it is likely that some of our main fundraising events will not go ahead this year. Therefore we need to be even more inventive and creative with fundraising ideas. We are also low in numbers as a result of children moving to pastures new. Therefore, we really need more lovely parents to come join us. There is a wealth of skills, talents and experience amongst us and it would be great if we could utilise this to the benefit of the school community. So please join our next AGM meeting and find out how you can get involved.

PTA committee members

Chairperson.                              Liz Summers

Vice Chair.                                  Leigh Sidhu

Secretary.                                   Helen Trowbridge     Sheryl Hunt (Jan 2021)

Easy Fundraising Rep.              Kate McCann

Treasurer                                    Julie Jones