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What our parents say....

We feel we have given all 3 of our children the very best start by sending them to Little Acorns. They are all thriving and happy. All the wonderful staff at pre-school care so much about the children and provide a friendly, nurturing, encouraging and supportive environment in which our children have all grown in confidence and independence. We highly recommend Little Acorns to other parents. It's an outstanding pre-school with the best staff you could wish for. Rosie


Our favourite thing about Little Acorns is... that they allow children to be children! They enjoy outdoor walks, messy play and water play. Anon


We have been supported with helping Arthur develop and grow both socially and academically in a manner that far exceeded our expectations. Its amazing to get photos of him during the day - it is so reassuring to see Arthur having the best time while we are out working. The staff are extremely passionate about their roles, they go above and beyond. They share your passion to see your child succeed and grow! We cannot thank them enough. Stacey


Our daughter has been attending Little Acorns since she was 2 years old and she has gained so much from going. She can't wait to go in and even asks to attend at the weekend! We always know what she has been doing as she comes home and re-enacts her day and takes on the teacher role. The staff are incredible and so friendly, approachable and really support and care for the children there. Nothing is ever too much trouble and even grandparents feel included in the Little Acorns family. We feel incredibly blessed that we found this pre-school! We know our daughter will be more than ready for her transition to school next year. Emily


You've all made Little Acorns an enjoyable and exciting place - thank you for helping our daughter thrive! Sharon

What our children say....


What our staff say....

Here at Little Acorns we have a strong and passionate team - it is a joy to work with them all! We care for each child in our setting and provide a nurturing environment along with an engaging curriculum that meets all children's individual needs.  Mairi 


Every day is different but our great team is always 100% in it together.  The children are a joy and helping them on their learning journey is a privilege, hopefully they enjoy themselves as much as I do! Sheryl


Little Acorns Preschool is like a home from home experience for all the children who attend our setting. Priding  ourselves in being one big family we provide nurture as well as supporting the development of those starting their learning journey. Sue


Little Acorns is a great place to work, if you can call it work! Its always a warm, fun place to be and everyone is a great pleasure to work - all bringing our own experiences, passion and creativity to the job. We all care so much about the children's learning and play experiences, its so rewarding to see them flourish. Nat