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Our Vision

We cherish the unique brilliance of each child and strive to create an inclusive, nurturing environment where every mathematical voice is heard. By celebrating diversity of thought and embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth, we create a culture where children's light shines brightly in mathematics. Through collaborative exploration, guided inquiry, and personalized feedback, we unlock the boundless potential within each young mathematician.

    • Combine conceptual understanding with procedural fluency through deliberate practice and systematic scaffolding.
    • Empower students to navigate mathematical landscapes with confidence and agility.
    • Foster deep comprehension through inquiry-based learning and problem-solving tasks.
    • Emphasize understanding the "why" behind mathematical procedures to build enduring frameworks.
    • Utilize concrete manipulatives, pictorial representations, and models like number lines and geometric shapes.
    • Scaffold understanding by providing a variety of tools to visualize mathematical concepts.

    YR - Y6 Overview


    At OBN, our intent for maths education is to provide all children with a solid foundation in mathematical knowledge, skills, and problem-solving strategies. We aim to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and develop a positive attitude towards maths, promoting curiosity and resilience in our learners. We want our children to be confident mathematicians who can apply their skills in real-life contexts and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.



    We believe in a balanced approach to teaching maths, combining both mastery and problem-solving strategies. We use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to enable children to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

    We create a positive climate for learning, where pupils are encouraged to take risks and actively participate in lessons. We provide opportunities for whole-class, group, and individual work to cater to different learning needs. Our teaching is sequential, building on prior knowledge and ensuring smooth progression through the curriculum.

    We have a well-structured maths curriculum that covers all areas outlined in the national curriculum. It is designed to ensure breadth and depth of learning. We use a variety of high-quality resources, including manipulatives, visual aids, and digital technology, to support children's understanding. We follow the White Rose Curriculum and have begun to use NCTEM to support teaching in KS2.

    We recognise that children have diverse learning needs, and we differentiate our teaching to cater to their individual abilities and interests. We provide opportunities for intervention and extension to ensure all children are appropriately challenged and supported.



    Our pupils have a genuine love for maths, showing enthusiasm, motivation, and resilience in their learning. They actively participate in lessons, demonstrating high levels of engagement and curiosity. They embrace challenges confidently and view mistakes as valuable learning opportunities. Children demonstrate deeper understanding, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills. They are able to apply their knowledge to solve problems in a range of contexts and are well-prepared for the next stage of their mathematical education.