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English is split into 3 parts: reading, writing and spelling. Therefore, you will find that the English page has been split into these 3 parts with activities to complete throughout the week.


Resources can be found below the planning grids.


Our aim is to make you super writers! This week, our focus is diary entries!


This is based on our class read, so do try whenever possible to listen to our class read. I know a few of you have bought the book to read.


Look at the resources below the table to help you.

Day Task
Monday Today, we are going to look at how we can use prepositional phrases within our writing. For year 6, this will be a recap from last year. However, we will look at prepositional phrases that would be beneficial within our diary entries this week.

Today, we are going to create a story map to help us understand the children's journey within the rainforest. 

If you haven't been watching the class read sessions, you can watch Monday's for a recap of everything that has happened so far. I would watch the whole of yesterday's and today's session if possible.


If you are at home today, but in school at any point during the rest of the week, you will need to bring this in with you.

Wednesday Today, we are going to look at how your plan (story map) from yesterday could be used to create a diary entry. You will then write a diary entry from one of the earlier chapters in the book.
Thursday Again, you will write a diary entry using your story map from Tuesday. We will also look at the toolkit to help you write your diary entry.
Friday Today, you are going to write a diary entry independently using everything that we have learnt this week. You will then evaluate it.


Do note that the PowerPoint contains the whole week's work for writing.


I will upload the rest of this week's work as needed.

Word Mat - This may be useful throughout the week


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