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English is split into 3 parts: reading, writing and spelling. Therefore, you will find that the English page has been split into these 3 parts with activities to complete throughout the week.


Resources can be found below the planning grids.

Part 1 - Writing

We usually learn English everyday in school to help you become super writers, so below you will find the work (or something very close to the work), which we are completing in school.


Look at the resources below the table to help you.

Day Task


Today, we are going to look at forming a balanced argument. 

Run through the PowerPoint and think of the for and against sides of each argument.

Tuesday Today, we are looking at boxing up features of the balanced argument texts.

Listen to Richard O'Neill read Polonius the Pit Pony on YouTube.

Should animals be used for work? Think of the pros and cons of the argument.

Should animals be kept in zoos? Think of the pros and cons of the argument.

Thursday We will write a paragraph about whether we should have zoos.
Friday We will research the facts for deforestation.


I will upload the week's work as needed. 

Part 2 - Spelling

Everyday, as part of our morning challenges, we complete activities linked to a weekly spelling rule. In addition to the spellings on the 'Spelling' page, I have attached the plan for our weekly spellings below. 


Day Task


Here are this week's extra spelling resources. Remember, you can find this week's spelling list here!

Part 3 - Reading

As always, you should be reading at least 4 times a week to build your vocabulary, imagination and reading stamina - reading is very important. Fortunately, all you need to do this is a book! This can be a school book or one of your own if you have left it at school or have finished it.


We also have a guided reading session each Thursday


This week, we will be looking at Leon and the Place Between.


Watch the video first and then have a go at answering the questions on the PowerPoint.

World Book Day - Leon and the Place Between