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Learning Quest

This term, our learning quest is 'The Race for Space'.


During the first half term, we will be looking at space, the Age of Discovery, Hinduism and global trade.


During the second half term, we will move on to look at the space race, research about space and electricity.


Not all of the lessons we complete in school can be completed at home. Therefore, 1 lesson per day will be included in our timetable below.


Day Subject Activity
Monday PSHE This would usually be taught by Mr Edwards. As I do not know what he has planned for those in the classroom, I will set you another task. Draw your family on a piece of paper. Around them, write something you could do to help them this week. Then, your job is to help them as much as possible!
Tuesday DT

When we made our model Solar System outside, we lined up the planets in a line. Do you think the planets are really in a straight line?


Look at this website to see how the planets are currently arranged.


Then, look at this website to see which planets you will be able to see tonight and where!


Now, look up orrerys. What are they?


You will be making an orrery after half term. Therefore, you will need to plan how you will make it. Consider:

  • What materials will I need? (Try to reuse things if possible)
  • What will it look like when it is made?
  • What style will it be? (It could be the planets hanging from the top of a shoebox, or it might be more like a baby's mobile.


You can use the paint we have in school.


Because of the relative sizes of the planets and their distances away from the sun, it would be difficult to make them to scale, so don't worry too much!


Draw out your plan on a piece of paper and label the planets and materials needed to make each part.

Wednesday French

We are going to make our final planet poster, which we started last week. 


Start by looking at your French work from last week and then write it up neatly.


Then, look at the PowerPoint and see if you can interpret the French sentences based on the words you know.

Thursday RE

Today, you are going to look at karma and create your own Gyan Chauper.


Read through the PowerPoint for more information!

Friday PSHE It's an INSET day, so you don't have any set work today. However, I love your attitude to learning. Why not play a board game or try something new? I look forward to seeing you after half term!