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Learning Quest

This term, our learning quest is 'American Adventures'.


During the term, we will be looking at the Ancient Maya, South America, properties of materials and salvation, Lent and Easter for Christians.


Not all of the lessons we complete in school can be completed at home. Therefore, 1 lesson per day will be included in our timetable below.


Day Subject Activity
Monday RE

Mrs Barnes would have taught you RE this term on a Monday, so she has created your RE work for you to complete.


See her instruction sheet for more information.

Tuesday Outdoor Learning

In school, we will be completing outdoor learning throughout the morning so we won't have another foundation subject today.


Instead, look through these activities with a parent and pick one to do. I am sure Mr Wedderkopp and I would be really interested to see what you have got up to at home.

Wednesday History Today, we are going to introduce you to the Ancient Maya!
Thursday PE

Today, your PE task is to play boccia with someone at home. 

boccia is a Paralympic sport similar to boules.

You can watch this video to see how to play it at home.

First, play with a jack that won't move (a can will do).

Then, play with a moveable jack (a ball or another pair of socks).

Friday PSHE We are going to continue with our topic of keeping you safe.


Do check that you can use Google Classroom at home

Wednesday - Introduction to the Ancient Maya

Friday - Rights, Responsibilities and Duties