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Children your age should be reading at least 4 times a week for 15 minutes or more. This is because it helps develop your vocabulary and widen your imagination. Therefore, to keep you reading, I have collated some websites which you can use to access ebooks and audiobooks.

These are free to access. Some require a login or registering; if they do, I have added some instructions to help you with this.


Click the logo of the website to access these books.


Somerset Libraries provide books for you to borrow for free. Although you cannot visit a library in person at the moment, you can borrow their ebooks or audiobooks for free!


To do this, you will need a library card ID number - if you have one, you can use that. If not, CLICK HERE and get your parents to help you create an account. Your 'pin' is your password. This will give you a temporary ID.

Audible is providing free access to a range of audiobooks. You do not need to login, just pick a book and start listening!
GetEpic! is providing free access to their collection of books for free until June. To access these books, get your parents to follow the instructions at the bottom of this link.

Oxford Reading Tree are providing free access to some of their ebooks, which you may read at school. To login, go to 'My class login' and use the login details below.

Class Name oake

Class Password: Oake 

You will need the capital O for the password.

Storyline Online provides free access to books being read by celebrities that your parents may know! You can choose which book to read and then click how to watch the video.
MyOn is providing free access to their books too! To read them click on the genre that you would like to read. A lot fiction books can be found under 'genres'.
JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, has shared a website full of Harry Potter activities. You can read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Audible.
Everyday, David Walliams is releasing 30 audiostories for you to listen to at home. 
Amazon are advertising a free 30-day trial to their audiobooks. This includes many on the Year 6 reads. To carry on reading, your parents would have to pay £7.99 a month, but you can cancel before you have to pay.