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Life Skills

Your home is one of the best places to learn skills you will need as you get older. Here are some ideas that you can get involved with.


Premier Education - Life Skills

Here is a link to activities based on financial, leadership and personal management skills:



This is a skill you will certainly need when you are older. Talk to your parents and see if you can help with cooking tea or making some simple dishes. Do make sure you wash your hands whilst cooking and do not touch any part of your body including your face whilst preparing the food.


Earlier on in the year, we made Lord Woolton pie, potato scones, the national loaf and eggless sponge. Here are those recipes again, but do not feel limited to these recipes:


I'm sure your parents would love a bit of help around the house. Now is the time to learn a range of cleaning skills, such as hovering, polishing and cleaning windows.


From current guidance, we can only stay in our homes and gardens. Therefore, one way to keep occupied is to make sure our gardens are tidy! You could get rid of weeds, plant some new flowers or food. That way you can pass the time and have a beautiful sight when you look out of the window.

Laundry Skills

Try to help your parents with the laundry. There are a lot of skills here, such as:

  • Separating colours
  • Not overfilling the washing machine or tumble dryer
  • Adding washing powder or fabric conditioner
  • Emptying the lint 
  • Putting clothes on an airer/washing line
  • Folding clothes/towels
  • Putting the clothes away.