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Beyond the Lines Poem

Behind the Lines


Shaking like the trees in the Amazon rainforest,

Feeling as terrified as a mouse in a trap,

Scared thinking, thinking about their Grandad.


I was claustrophobic as grass on the ground.


The boat bobbed to the shore,

the back slammed down onto the sand and we rushed out,

We were like a pack of wild wolves chasing our prey.


It was a cold and disheartening day,

We were on the boat.

Suddenly I heard a creak.

The back of the boat was coming down,

I heard the crack of the first bullet.

It had begun!


As far as I looked I saw barbed wire,

The soldiers stomping on the sand,

Guns firing funnily at the newcomers.


Wretched barbed wire stretching as far as I can see,

Shells dropping everywhere – even the sea,


As angry as a bull,

As petrified as a person looking at the eyes of a ghost.

As brave as a brown bear,

As claustrophobic as a bee in a beehive.

The armour was as strong as steal.

The children were as useless as mice in a corner,

They could do nothing.


The Germans were stronger.

People were getting shot,

It was a tragic sight.

The paper drifted off like the wind taking away the petals of a lonely flower.

A single tear trickled down my face

Like rain falling, I pushed myself to keep giving, but…






Describes the times of war.

Infernally Deafening.

All inside a bomb.



The sand trickled down my spine,

Like ants infecting spit.

They went through this to save Europe.


Sat in oozing mud, warm and wet…

I longed to be back home.

Shutting my eyes,

I let the wind carry me away.

As awful as a bear,

The eyes of Hitler would petrify anyone.






The soldiers – brave as a panther hunting its prey.


Kestrel Class 11th November 2019