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Uniform Information

School Uniform can be purchased from:


Second hand Uniform

We are pleased to inform you that you can now purchase second hand school uniform from the Uniformd website, see link below.

All money raised from sales will go directly to the school.

If you have any good quality second hand uniform that you would like to donate please bring to the school office.

School Uniform

School sweatshirts & cardigans in sky blue and white polo shirts, with the school logo, can be ordered from


Required school unifrom:

  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress or blue gingham summer dress. 

  • White blouse, shirt or polo shirt.

  • Sky blue jumper/cardigan. (Preferably school logo but optional with logo)

  • Grey trousers or shorts.

  • Sensible black or brown shoes (no impractical high heels or open-toed sandals please!)

  • Socks – white grey or black


PE Kit required

  •  a plain white T-shirt
  • blue or black shorts 
  • change of footwear (daps or trainers)
  • Blue/black tracksuit bottoms for the colder sessions.


Children come to school in their PE kits on PE days.


For swimming (Y3/4), your child will need their trunks/swimming costume, swimming hat with a towel in a waterproof bag.


We also ask that, for hygiene and your child’s safety, any long hair is tied back.


Make up including nail varnish should not be worn.


You can also order waterproof reversible coats, with or without the school logo, from the school office. These are not part of the school uniform and are for outdoor wear only.


Please ensure that all items of clothing or kit are labelled with your child's name, especially school sweatshirts!


Jewellery and Valuables

We would prefer a situation in which jewellery is not worn at school, in the interests of safety and security.  We cannot accept responsibility for jewellery and other valuables.  Earrings, if worn, should be of the stud variety for reasons of health and safety.  On days when your child does PE / swimming, it would be safest for earrings not to be worn. If earrings are worn for PE they must be covered with tape.