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Our trip to Kent's Cavern

Our trip to Kent's Cavern


We visited Kent's Cavern in Torquay as part of our Stone Age topic. We travelled there by coach, which took around 1 and a half hours. When we arrived, we were greeted by Carly and taken inside. The best thing was that they had closed off the caves to members of the public, so we felt like VIPs! There were 3 activities provided in the caves; holding different artefacts, a woodland trail and of course a trip inside the caves.



Looking at the Artefacts

Handling the artefacts


Calling all Wrens!!!!

Can you write a paragraph which could go here to explain the following:

Where were the artefacts found?

What type of artefacts were there?

What did they tell us about living in the stone age?


Have a go at writing about this at home. Winning paragraph will be posted here.

The Woodland Trail

All about the woodland trail


Wrens, another chance to write a paragraph about your trip for our website.


Write a paragraph to include:

What did we have to do on the woodland trail?

Can you remember the different creatures that were around the trail?

An interesting fact that you learned.


Winning paragraph will be posted here.

The Caves

Inside the caves


Finally, I need a paragraph about the caves.

In your paragraph can you include:

What the cave was like?

What did they find in the cave?

Explain what the stone age people used for light? How did bears know how to navigate the caves in pitch blackness? How did William Pengelly see when excavating?


Can't wait to see your interesting paragraphs.