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Here are some examples of work which have been sent to me. From these pieces, I can see that you are working hard which is really good to see.


See the 'Contact Mr Clarke' page for more information about how to share your work with me - I would love to see it. I will not put work on the website, if you do not want me to - don't worry - I will love receiving it just as much!

Your stories

I have been very impressed with the quality of the stories that you have written about the Jar Man! There was a problem with some of them getting to me, so try to send them again, but this time to

Presentations sent to me

Here are some pieces of work that you have sent me in the form of PowerPoints. 


You can use them as inspiration for what you could include, but don't copy from them directly (copying sentences etc.) as there may be incorrect information!

Pictures of your work!