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1)  Practise reading all the phase 2 and 3 sounds

2) read the tricky words for these phases

3) look specifically at ai  can your child sound out and write rain pain gain

4) read the sentence  I can get wet in the rain.


Draw or paint a picture of the weather today and write a sentence about it send it to me on Tapestry.


Maths count to and back to 20


Make a tower that is taller than 6 and shorter than 6-describe it using short shorter shortest tall taller tallest rather than big or small.


measure a piece of string that is as long as you. measure a piece of string that is as long as your outstretched arms. Compare them, what do you notice-use longer shorter the same as


read your school reading book


Log onto cosmic yoga for kids and do some yoga.


Use you toys to act out the story of the sun and the wind-they should know this tale, can they change it to the sun and the rain?