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Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects (Everything Apart from English and Maths)

Here is your work for every subject apart from English and maths as these will include separate work which can be found below this.


It is not expected that you will do all of these tasks. This is because I wanted to give you a choice of what work to do at home. If you wish to share your work, it will be shared in a fayre once everyone is back at school. Each task is worth points and the children with the most points will get a prize. Prizes will also be given to fantastic pieces of work and to children who complete all the 50 point tasks.


There is a new topic grid with activities you could complete. You can work on activities from both the water and Earth topic grids.


Reminder: The 50 point history task is to finish your project from in school. This involved posing 3 questions about the Shang dynasty to research, and then create a double-page spread from. It would be great if you could compare something to modern day (how is food different today to during the Shang Dynasty); however, this is not always possible. 


The following resources are needed for the 50 point RE task:

Optional activities

Click here to find other activities for you to do at home or in school. These are optional activities to help you stay engaged and do not need to be completed.