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Zones of Regulation

The children explore zones of regulation and learn to be able to identify which zone they are in. Sometimes children can’t or don’t want to name the emotion but they can identify which zone they are in. Children also learn that their feelings and emotions can lead to different behaviours. This can also impact others around them.


The children are currently learning about  the concept of the zones and they are beginning to explore ways to help regulate themselves with the support of sensory devices and calming techniques. We want all children to feel comfortable in the green zone and will help equip them with tools to move from other zones.


We are helping the children understand that it is ok to feel angry, be worried or scared but they do need to find ways to help themselves manage those uncomfortable feelings and self-sooth. This will also help them with their self-esteem and resilience.



You will hear your child talking about the Zones of Regulation. 

The stop it poster helps the children to think about ways they can get back to the green zone.