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Welcome to our reading page!


More information about how you can access online books at home will be shared soon.


We read our class read every day for around 15 minutes and we will also have guided reading twice a week on a Thursday and a Friday. This page will provide you links to the class read being read out and the guided reading work (instead of the English page).

Class Read

Our class read will be shared via YouTube and only accessible via these links (you won't find them through searching). After two weeks from sharing, the videos will be deleted.


Thank you to Katherine Rundell (the author) and Bloomsbury Publishers for allowing this method of sharing our class read.


I know many of you are reading the book instead of listening to me read it. That's fine, but try to keep to the same pages we are reading each day. You will find these below.


On Google Classroom, you can comment your post-it-note summary for our Class Read board.

Class Read: The Explorer - Pages 163-176