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An important part of maths is arithmetic. Arithmetic is the key areas of maths, such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, decimals and percentages. By keeping your arithmetic skills sharp, you will be able to use them to solve a full range of maths questions from a variety of mathematical areas.


Each week, to continually practise your skills, you will complete arithmetic questions.


The week's questions will be split into 2 halves. 1 half will be completed on Monday and the second half on Tuesday. You can mark your answers each day.


Monday's questions will be easier than Tuesday's as the questions get harder as you go through them.


Your aim will be to improve your score over time. This isn't a test to assess you; it's to test yourself to get better at arithmetic.


Don't worry too much if you are struggling with the decimals and percentages questions as we haven't learnt about them yet.


Fill in the Google Form on Tuesday to help me know which areas to revise with you: